How To Repair, Overhaul, Strip Down and Re-Assemble the SU Carburettor. The SU carburettor is simple to strip. WinSU - SU carburettor needle finder and tuning software . 16690 Dellorto S Type idle jet (2 stroke) 16735 HH Type atomiser VHST. 090" main jets and 0. Review of SU nomenclature: Recall that using the old imperial numbering system, the number after the HS is carb throat diameter, in 1/8" increments over 1 inch, so carb shown on left is actually an HS4 (1 1/2", and never used on B18 or later motors), also confirmed by the tall aspect ratio of the dome over its Dashpot. Results 1 - 48 of 300 MG Midget Mk 2 1098cc 1964-66 -1¼” HS2 SU Carburettor JETS & STD NEEDLES. The SU carb, made in England, was an advanced design for its day. Setting SU Carburetors The "art" of needle swapping and tuning SUs, great article! SU Needle database Another SU Carburetor Needle Selection Chart Zenith to Twin SU Carb Conversion (US 1500) More great info from Paul Tegler. AUD2194- O ring for carbi jet, (for use with 0. There were three Specification numbers applied to Jaguar E-type HD8 triple carburetor installations. Strombergs with brass shafts receive new shafts and bushings. SU HS4 Carburetter Spare Parts. 2410 S. Where a 'circled number' appears on its customer's money on a carb with a sloppy throttle base? iSHAKEMYSHAFT Gaugingthrottle shaft/throttlebase wearis ajudgmentcall. The labels on the carbs indicated AUD331, so according to a needle chart I needed spring-loaded needles with code AUD1538 KN. However, I just bought a used HS4 Waxstat carb off eBay. I straighten frames to support my airplane habit and have done many Commandos. These variable-venturi carbs were originally found on European cars, such as Triumph, MG, Volvo, and others. Many kits and floats for the Hitachi carburetors available. Anyway, SU's are pretty good things. 8 AUC 946, the later 3. Air Filter Element Made In England for Amal Carbs for Triumph BSA. . The engine vacuum then sucks the fuel in a fine mist through metered holes called jets to deliver a precise ratio of air and fuel to the engine. Since our early days we have supplied SU carburetters, fuel pumps and parts. Installing jets of different sizes helps increase/decrease the fuel/air ration depending on what your bike requires. 0 by: Charles Bishop I originally wrote this up to assist a fellow XKer in adjusting the SU's on his Jag. More Tuning of SU Carburetters. Post '74 single HS4. G. 5 out of 5 stars 2 product ratings 2 product ratings - SU TWIN CARB SERVICE KIT TRIUMPH SPITFIRE MG MIDGET 1500 HS4 NON WAXSTAT May 10, 2009 · If adjusting the floats does not solve the problem check that you have the correct jets for the needles. Clean all carb internals. Sep 10, 2005 · SU's work by lowering the jets ao the fuel can enter the carb. The SU Reference Catalogue. Guess how I know. An excellent reference on most all SU carbs, covering the theory, rebuild and tuning instructions is the "SU Carb Tuning Tips and Techniques" by G R SU needle comparison chart - since 2003 Jet HIF38/HS2/HS4 (0. - check the spec for your carb. Sep 19, 2019 - Explore markamclintock's board "SU carb's" on Pinterest. The SU Carb company · Jet needles · Jet Needle  17 Apr 2018 is it possible to replace the jet without having the carb out the car or it it too fiddly getting onto underneath the float bowl , is it just that thin metal  11 Jan 2008 Watch along as John Twist of University Motors explains how to center the jet of an H-Type carb. 8(4. Be careful undoing those banjo bolts if they are corroded, you might bust the carb body. 8 AUD 112, and the 4. Stromberg 97 and Holley 94 parts available WZX1300 All Nylon SU Carb Float (adjusted w/shims) and . £20. Thanks to Pete Flanagan for this addition to the site. 4. We have some custom p MG Midget and Sprite Technical - SU carb leaking from float chamber I've spent the last 3 days building a working pair of HS2 carbs and finally met with success except for one small issue. Mike's Carburetor Parts is the number one online retailer for all carburetor parts for popular brands. just got round to fitting Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280Z carburetor related parts. If the carburettor hs a plastic emission-control seal prise it off and throw it away. AMAL / BING Carburettors. Search Gas Jets. My experience with those is the Gross jets run richer and for that reason cause problems on the street. The most common type of SU is the HS. The SU carburettor is a relatively simple design but has proved to be very effective. I have these from being in the carb business for over 25 yrs. 4L--Z24 W/HITACHI GV113-5 SU Carburetor The SU was one of the first commonly available constant velocity "CV" carbs, and was a popular carb swap for Harley Panheads and Shovelheads in the sixties and seventies. Here are a selection of needles codes and the vehicle specs that they were used in EB - 850cc and rebores, 920cc, 1. At least in most carburettors I’ve worked on they are made of brass and are screwed into suitable holes machined into the carb body. . Carter YF,AFB,BBD,TQ, the BBD may fit early Carters. M. 1 product rating 1 product ratings - SU Carburetor Damper Springs "Blue" MG Midget, Lotus Elite,Sprite 948 1098 1275 Genuine SU service kit for minor rebuild of twin SU HS2 carburetors. Carburetor Kits and Parts. Triumph TR7 Carburettor Components, Service Kits and Float Chambers (SU HS6) COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS Where there is a 'circled number' (alongside a BL part number and/or part) in this 'Carburettor Components' illustration, it denotes the item is available either separately, or as part of a kit. pistons to match the enriched airflow, your B (or whatever) won’t be able to perform to its optimum. U. Preparation Setting up and tuning an SU carburetor is based on the premise that both the engine and the carburetor are in good shape. IDF Air Correction Jets #6389: IDF Carburetor Base Gaskets 40 #2700 / 44 #2709 / 48 #2702. Carburetors include new jets, needles, piston springs, float valves, float bowl grommets SU carburetors have a minimal number of moving parts and are easy to tune, providing of course you understand the operational principles! It is the intention of this article to help clarify those principles in the hopes that many owners will be able to tune and maintain their SU carburtetors Oct 24, 2015 · SU carb jet loses center after install. Crank up jets. Feb 04, 2008 · we have owned 3 diff shovels through the years ,2-74s ,1-80, onthese bikes we have had cvs ,screaming eagle,s&s but we found the best carb that made our bikes run was the 40 mm mukini ,and for us once it was set up we never had to touch them again . 187 Series. A CV carburetor (Constant Velocity) incorporates a vacuum operated slide that varies the venturi size within the carburetor, thus maintaining a constant velocity. The jets are 100 thou diameter as opposed to the HD's 125 thou. 125”. In 1974, Custom Chopper Magazine sponsored the “Search for King Carb” shoot-out between all the top carburetors back then to Sep 03, 2009 · Ray Livingston’s SU Carb Adjustment Here is the unedited text of Ray Livingston’s “famous” thread on the Jag-Lover’s forum, regarding the method for adjusting SU Carburetors: Just go by how it drives. SU Carburettor Floats, Bowl Lids, Banjos, Banjo Bolts. Main Jet . It is very reliable, but it can become dirty and choked — and some parts wear out. More vacuum is felt at the needle. 16565 VHSH Slide CS. S. Jaguar MK2 SU Carburettors. 16620 Dellorto VHST Slide. Inspect needles for straight, and both the same. Spark plugs, carburetors, fuel and oil filters, brakes parts. 9 Sep 2011 SU Carb Carbs Carburetor Carburettor E-Type XKE Jaguar venturis, circuits and jets, the SU has exactly one barrel, one venturi, one float  We stock twin SU carburettor sets and twin-choke Webers to suit all performance A-Series engines, from road to race. 000 carburetor parts in stock, ready to ship! Dellorto Shop - CarburettorShop - RicambiCarburatori - Carburettor Spare Parts Jets and Service Kits, Carburettor Spare Parts for Dellorto, Weber, Solex, Zenith, SU, Pierburg, Mikuni - Jets and Service Kits 850cc engines pre 1974 single HS2 carb. This is due the SU being analogue and the vast array of needle profiles available. Reply Monday 10th September 2007. CARBURETORS and EXHAUST TECH CSPL6 - CARBURETTER SERVICE PARTS LIST (books) CB-101 - CARBURETORS You May Find on the MGA. Result: Fouled plugs and premature wear on rings and Keihin Carburetor Jets. WinSU will help find the correct SU carb needle for the following cars Austin Rover : Mini, Metro, Minor, Healey, Princess, Marina, Maxi, Allegro, Maestro, Montego, 200, Range Rover, SD1 May 26, 2012 · I have recently had the SU carbs on my V8 110 Station Wagon fully overhauled (new jets, needles, floats, float needles and seats, etc, etc). 2NOSOLENOID, NOIDLE Search Parts / Carb Numbers CARB KITS: Domestic Carb Kits Import Carb Main - Idle Jets: Air Cleaners: Base Gaskets Electric Chokes Carburettor Tuning Tools · Float Bowls and Lids · Jet Bearing Kits, Jet Links · Jet Bearing Kits · Jets · Piston Springs · Return Springs · SU Carburettor Damper. SU Carburettor Parts. Like daveW suggests if the jets have not been replaced has any of the heatshields around the Manifolds been removed, to much heat to the carb can Warp it, hence the holes will be out of shape !! * HS Jets * Carb to inlet manifold gaskets * Needle valves and needle seats * Float chamber gaskets. Cooper RSP/Mainstream: HIF44 su twin carb service kit triumph spitfire mg midget 1500 hs4 non waxstat 4. 125) Chart Annulus area (mm2) Diameter (mm) Needle 1 Needle 2 Needle 3 "The beauty of the SU lies in its simplicity and lack of multiple jets and ease of adjustment" is a bad one, and so is referring to the venturi carburettor as "an inherently inaccurate device whose design must incorporate many complex fudges to obtain usable accuracy of fuelling. The beauty of the SU lies in its simplicity and lack of multiple jets and ease of adjustment. Add to Cart In my mind Fuel Injection >Mikuni>Weber>SU>Strombergs although die hard Brit fans would tell you SU all the way. Feel the amount of movement,noteanychangeinidle speed, and then log these results into your long-term memory. 17014 Dellorto U Type idle jet (4 stroke) The comprehensive parts list for the definitive competition Carb. Please note: the below set of instructions is a combination of my words and paragraphs from the SU Carb Service - Expanded Version (including Adjustments) Adjustments: If in the course of performing the previous cleaning and preventative maintenance, items were noticed, as explained in the Inspection Items, which didn’t seem to be as they should, the carbs may require some adjustments. 3. Guest. i got into the mukini on my 76 fx it had the screaming eagle carb on it i wanted to go to a S&Sdouble throat carb but was informed by osborns Sudco International Corp. We mention the 280Z in this section even though it originally had fuel injection because we feel it is a common practice to swap out the fuel injection for carburetors. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. SU carb problem . Rebuilt the SU HIF carbs on my 1974 MGB, mounted them back to to the engine. The standard failure for Grose-Jets is to flood the carburetor. Haynes had a SU carb manual that I have found to be invaluable, but the various documents from Burlen are excellent too. Carburetor Visual Library. Incorrectly centred jets wear the jet and needle very quickly. e. Su Carburetters are The Worlds Sole Manufacturer of Genuine SU Carburettors, Fuel Pumps and Spares. 00 postage. The email is not my business one, it is so I can get some Owner, Island Automotion Ltd. SU. Amal Extended Hex Top Cap and Float Bowl Screws 930, 928, 932, 626 for Triumph. The main reason suggested for this The 'choke' mechanism on an SU carburettor usually also incorporates a system for holding the throttle plate slightly open to raise the engine's idling speed and prevent stalling at low speeds due to the rich mixture. I need to check the thread pitch. The HIF, overleaf, differs in some ways. Brand: SU. Now the latest advice on needle position was to set the shoulder on the needle that is visible sticking through the bush to be level with the base of the piston. Worked well in up-jetting stock carb and "fixin" the poorly bored jets in an other "modified" carb. These advances are Feb 16, 2016 · OK so new needles and jets arrived and I fitted today, I also re set float height to just show daylight between float and straight edge. + Zenith Stromberg Carburetors completely disassembled and cleaned. SU website. 99 postage. WEBER and DELLORTO Specialists. 1a. After much delay I have relaunched the Carb. Mikuni Carb Installation and Tuning Instructions . Postage WORLDWIDE. SU Carburettor Metering Jets. Next step was remove the carb suction chmbers and pistons and check the height of the jets relative to the bridge. Technologically superior in design to the typical SU, Zenith Stromberg or Weber carbs that were originally designed more than 50 years ago, the Mikuni HSR flat slide is a modern carb, designed specifically as a bolt-on SU or ZS replacement that will do it all - more power, better fuel mileage and easy tuning in one package. Needle codes for SU carbs. Glencoe Ltd are facet fuel pumps main distributor for the UK, Europe . 85 postage. I put in new carb jets and needles what a difference, now she's Basic Knowledge Even though the SU carburetor (carb) is a very basic yet precise instrument, some fundamental understanding on just how it works is needed to be able to deal with common problems and tuning. The idle jet system (comprised of pilot air jet, pilot fuel jet and pilot fuel screw) controls from 0% to about 25% of the throttle opening. SU Carburettor Throttle Shafts, Discs, Clips, Springs, Misc Parts. Buy the full range of Mini SU carburettors, service kits and parts from Mini Sport, the worlds premier online Mini store! The purpose of the acel pump is to prevent a flat spot when opening the throttle, as the carb goes from idle through to main jets. Ninja edit - btw - rebuilding your carbs costs about $30 in parts. Connected throttle cable and choke, the car started right up with choke pulled out let the engine run for a few then pushed choke back in and the car stalled immediately, crushing my spirits. Re: GROSE-JET or Viton-tip for SU HS6 carbs? I have only used the early SU version of carbs. If unable to find the needle listed below check the carb rebuild kits for a needle, note that not all carb rebuild kits have needles. Over the years Burlen has become renowned for its role in manufacturing, restoring and re-introducing a number of famous classic vehicle fuel systems and associated spares including SU, Amal, Zenith, Stromberg and Solex. This is intended to grow over time to become a very useful resource for all models of SU Carburettors, as fitted to many British classic cars such as Jaguar, MG, Morris, Austin, and more. The following should be checked on the engine prior to setting up the carburetor to determine if the situation will lend itself to optimal timing, or SU single carb - installation problems can be due to incorrectly repaired frames. Carburetors are on almost all types of combustion engines. com 1800 Bugeye Sprite 948 Austin Healey TRI-CARB Jensen Healey Morris MM, II,  SU. My online SU HS2 carb JET NEEDLE {Spring } COMPARING 3 OTHER RELIANT NEEDLES against the NORMAL AAT NEEDLE and the needle found in the MINI carb . Carburetors: SU and Zenith-Stromberg. Thank you Rob, I'll disassemble the back fire valve and have a look. 00. Note: You can check for matching float settings, after setting the mixture, by removing the pistons, and peering down at the jets. These were the early 3. Largest selection of jets, Keihin, Mikuni, Hitachi, Holley, no minimum order. May 05, 2004 · i had tripple 45's and after fighting them for quite a few round of jets i went to the z-therapy su,s over bored small shafts and wow what a difference smooth idle lots of power and with a high compression l-28 and big cam i havent ran out of top end yet ,cats meow ---lions roar with a itg filter and twm horns mmmmmmmmmmmm good stuff always starts and ready to whip a** ,cant say the same for Page 1 of 2 - Su Waxstat Hs4 Carbs - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: Let me start by saying that my Mini has dual HS2s and will keep them. The Stromberg 175CD (constant depression) carb is substantially different from the SU carb, although the operating principles are similar. 50. There is a very good Haynes SU carb manual available, reccommended reading. Please try again later. Jets. SU Midel has developed Haystack, a handy tool that can compare or match SU needles from 0. 2 AUD 227. Replacing the needle valve on SU Carbs with Grosse Jets is one of the easiest tasks you could ever perform on an E-Type, and is something that all E-Type owners should do, many fires can be attributed to a stuck needle Carb. May 11, 2017 · The second carb rebuild went pretty much like the first except that the throttle spindle was worn far less. EUR 68. DCOE Main Gas Jets #6398: DCOE Air Correction Jets #6389: DCOE Carburetor Base Gasket 40 #2705 45-48 #2702 Let’s begin with some theory. Dealer's Application If your starting carb has been non-functional for 12 years there might be gunky deposits inside the jet region and maybe some carb cleaner might be in order. Trusted and secure payment process Running lean or too rick, tune that carburetor in with new Sudco jets. This means that the speed at which air flows over the jet never varies. When an engine sits for a long period of time without More than 19. The SU has one jet which must supply fuel during all stages of engine operation (i. 2d 19h Brand: SU. where they are used as a direct replacement for SU or ZS carbs. At full up the top should be flush w/ deck of carb airway. Online shopping for Automotive from a great selection of Carburetors, Rebuild Kits, Jets, Solenoids, Choke Pull Offs, Choke Thermostats & more at everyday low prices. 5 (again as per PC). On this page, you will find the jets that we can supply for Keihin carburetors. Add to Cart; #AUD9450 SU JET REAR HS4 1-1/2" $24. This does Apr 09, 2017 · If the jets move upwards and no matter how far you go it's still weak then check for an air leak, but check the plugs first as it may only be weak on one carb, and once you know which one if that's the case then that will narrow the field a bit. Amal Velocity Stack LONG 930, 928, 932. Throttle Shafts (SU and Zenith) Piloted Reamer (s) Screws / Bolts / Pins / Jet Caps / Float Fork, Etc Zenith Stromberg Temperature Compensator Cover. the leaner the better for the engine whilst this allows for a MCS-14 $ 99. carburetor(s)) is the key to tuning the SU carburetor. Fuel and are easy to fit. This kit doesn't come with the jet needles as they vary depending on the engine and carburetter number. Zenith Stromberg Jets. MINI CARB JET TO FLOAT BOWL SEAL 'O-Ring'- Suit SU carbs - AUD2194. The SU carburettor is to be found on many British-built cars. (does not include carb to carb Includes all required gaskets, seals, jets, throttle shafts, throttle discs Jets R Us for jets . Reputable Supplier of Classic Carburettors and Carburettor Parts. Burlen continues to supply this service to vintage and classic car and motorcycle owners across the globe, and proudly so. While doing a fairly major tune-up on my 120 OTS I again encountered the irritant of having the (SU) carb jets stick in a raised position after I  WinSU - SU carburettor needle finder and tuning software. Aug 10, 2017 · Hi As I did not get a follow-up on an earlier post this is to concentrate the most urgent bit: how to center the jet in an SU carb, As it will be my first try at this and as the car is running very well (albeit with very high consumption) I would like to do as little as possible. D. Burlen also sell at nominal cost an SU parts guide and a detailed pictorial repair manual. Nov 17, 2014 · (316) 258-2140 · 445 N Broadview Wichita, KS 67208 SU Carb Spitting Gas SU Carb Spitting Gas. Are you content with erratic idling? Resigned yourself to fiddling with your carbs each weekend? Chances are good that the carburetors on your sports car have never been rebuilt. On 16th August 1994 the final units, designated HIF and KIF, were produced, direct descendents of the original Setting up an SU carb - Number_Cruncher : As you accelerate, the damper slows the rise of the needle *and* the dashpot. AND JETS - CALL or EMAIL 631-369-9515, email: info@applehydraulics. I received about a half-dozen requests to be included in the off-list mailing. 6. when SU ceased original equipment carb production. NEEDLES Needles are available in two places 1) listed below and 2) carb rebuild kits. Aug 02, 2017 · Don’t turn the front carb without turning the rear carb the same amount (if you have twin tail pipes work out which one relates to which carb). Clean the outside of the carb , don´t go into detail here, just get it clean enough to touch. After Stromberg managed to get a workable CD carb, Triumph lived up to its end and started using Strombergs. Air Jet . HS: View from the RHS of the car leaning over the engine. Retailer of classic SU and Zenith carburetters, fuel pumps and components. Needle Jet . We have had ethynol in our gas for about 15 years now and sometimes it just doesn't like soft stuff. FITS: XR650R (00-07), XR600R (88-00), XR400R (96-04), XR250R (96-04) / Keihin Carburetor OEM These jets fit many more models of bikes, and we'll listed them as we confirm the models, sizes and years of the bike. Water-choke Strombergs receive shafts/bushings as needed. K. Phone: +44 118 984 2811 Fax: +44 118 984 1709 Open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Email: Harley Davidson CV Carburetor Upgrade Harley Davidson started equipping models with the CV carburetor in 1989 and has utilized the same carb ever since. Most dirt bikes off the factory floor might look pristine but probably need jetting. For more information on these parts #AUD9141 SU JET LEFT HS2 1-1/4" HS4 1-1/2" $20. Grose Jets, with their modern technology don't stick open like the old needle and valve units. I set jets flush with bridge then 2 1/2 turns down. The carburetor is where the fuel mixes with the air to be burnt. Ride motorcycle in various rpm ranges, and then try to maintain a consistent 40- to 50 Took carb off, replace jets (main, pilot) - was running 420 - replaced with 400 (as per Pro Circuit since I have the PC pipe) - was running 40 - replaced with 37. 1100cc engines: HS4. The comprehensive & official guide to tuning HS type carbs. 090) HIF44/HS6 (0. Here is a laymans guide to adjusting SU's (long): step 1- Tune up the rest of the engine- REALLY! clean or replace, and set the points, set the timing, plugs We stock a large range of kits which will enable you to service your SU carburetter. com. Rich-running carburetors cause carbon build up around the piston rings and valves, it also dilutes your engine oil […] The SU is a constant velocity carb. (Later high compression units solely with HS4 carb) Cooper S and Cooper had twin HS2 carburettors. Burlen SU Amal Zenith Su Clothing. Apr 28, 2017 · They are fuel and air metering orifices. com Quick Links. Remove this plate so the float needle can be taken   21 Jun 2014 Over the past two years I've worked on Paddy's (1973 Mini 1000 with a 1380cc A+ engine) mechanical and cosmetic issues including replacing  SU Nikki Reece Fish Zenith Choke cable attachment. Need some help here. Cleaning a Carburetor in 8 Easy Steps!: The carburetor is the most common problem area in all small engines. Jul 02, 2001 · 1. Default Name A - Z Name Z - A Price Low > High Price High > Low Rating Highest Rating Lowest Model A - Z Model Z - A. SU carburettors can theoretically perform better than modern computer controlled fuel systems. We also stock spare Weber jets and a  Results 97 - 144 of 43267 CARBY BALANCER morris minor sprite midget MGa MGB mini cooper su carb carburetor. The Size of the engine can be in Cubic Inches or Cubic Centimeters. 357 Series. - Rob Reilly. If your Stromberg is over rich, runs poorly on closed throttle, or seems to consume damper oil faster than gasoline, then we can make it perform like new again. It appears -- and this is just conjecture -- that Grose-Jets work best in cars with adjustable floats, as they are longer than the stock SU float valves. Browse our library of automotive, truck, marine, industrial, and agricultural carburetor parts to find what you need for less. 100" main jets. It has only one jet (except in a few special types) and very few moving parts. The bushes in this carb looked like Teflon and I think have been attended to more recently. My intention is not to build it for the Mini, but use it (eventually) on our project Spitfire as it has a 1296cc engine in it. 16200 HA type atomiser. All the following offer the advantages, in differing degrees, of simplicity, Aug 27, 2012 · The rebuild kit you need for these SU HS6 carburetters is CRK 249. Generally cleaned carb pretty well - it was fairly clean anyway. and chemical residues from fuel , because some of the jets are very small. Reliant Jet Needle Comparison spreadsheet Online When the carb is at tickover the needle is at the thick 0. I have a standard spitfire Mk4 with standard SU carbs that i had reconditioned last year by a reputable company. The basic syncing process also applies to Zenith-Stromberg's, but the adjustment mechanisms are different. Big difference and as far as I was concerned they were too low, I ran out of adjustment - even with the jet adjusting nuts up tight. The RPM entered should be the maximum RPM the engine is to run (you know that RED LINE on your tachometer). idle, acceleration, cruise), despite the fact that the engine demands vastly different amounts of fuel and air for different situations. The parts were sourced fron Burlen and the work was done by an experienced LR mechanic moonlighting from the local ex Land Rover agent. Sequoia Drive Compton, CA 90220 Tel. DCOE Idle Jets #6451 Not Available. 0001" accuracy)  30 Jan 2013 SU Reference Catalogue 16th Edition Š 2012 Burlen Fuel Systems Ltd The All jets, needle valves, metering needles and throttle discs are SIDE VIEW OF CAM & THROTTLE INTERCONNECTION (HIF carb shown as  So, what carburettor do you have fitted, and what might be up with it? The jets are accessible without dismantling the carb, and can be sprayed with carb  In the factory machining of SU carb bodies there always seems to be some rough flash SU CARBURETOR FLOAT VALVES GROSE-JETS FOR RACING. - Larger pics average 48KB. New listing SU HIF 44 CARB CARBURETTOR CLASSIC MINI COOPER METRO 1275 998 ENGINE. Part # Description. Tuning of SU HS Type Carburetters. Imp manifolds Carburetor jets and needles are made to very fine tolerances (about 0. Jul 26, 2014 · Dyno - Machining the SU carb needles Because the rebuild Volvo B20B engine has undergone some modifications the SU HS6 carbies probably need other needles. There are several places that discuss how to convert an SU with a waxstat jet tube to a jet tube without the thermostatic function. Whenever you have a good, smooth-idling Hitachi carb handy, wiggle its throttle shaft. Other 1300cc with HS4 (Clubman) or HS6. SU's. This carb is a good reliable piece of kit with few vices - mainly blocked jets (easily accessible after removing the plastic air intake over the carburettor). Grose-Jets are very popular with some people and a big pain for others. Zenith Stromberg: Piston Diaphragms & Bypass Diaphragm. 99. The following should be checked on the engine prior to setting up the carburetor to determine if the situation will lend itself to optimal timing, or Hitachi carburetor parts catalog, including carburetor kits, made in the US. SUNEEDLE consists of all the listings of SU needles for . Thank you to Tommaso Geronzi for another excellent scan. We are working on expanding our range of these jets so if the model and size that you are looking for is not yet listed, then please contact us. I understand a Find Summit Racing® M2008 Series Carburetors SUM-M08600VS and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! After many years of research and development, and thousands of hours of testing, we're excited to bring you Summit Racing® carburetors! Summit Racing® carburetors give you great throttle response and street performance in a bolt-and-go package. MOTORS SINGLE CARB TECH SHEET There is a choice of several different single carb conversions for the Norton twin cylinder engines, the 360 degree firing interval being particularly suitable for single carb operation. SU > SU Carburettor photos and information Posts Welcome to the relaunched Carb. Picture 2: On this carburetor the float needle is held in by a fuel splash plate. celebrate. " This was the remedy that Triumph chose for the Spitfire in order for them to continue sales to the US market. 5. Zenith to Twin SU Carb Conversion (US 1500) Another conversion by Howard Baugues Eurocarb Ltd Unit 2 Horseshoe Park Pangbourne Reading RG8 7JW United Kingdom. Ending 18 Feb at 11:10PM GMT. I suspect I know why the SU hits the frame. 95 Mixture Control Solenoid Hitachi Carb (Rebuilt) Must send in your core to be rebuilt (2 -4 weeks) - WANTED CORES - fits 83-84 NISSAN P/U 2. AU $99. Get the best deals on Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Carburettors and Parts when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. This great plan was somewhat derailed when BMC and Triumph merged and SU became a sister company of Triumph. Tuning vs. 100" main jets) Mini main jeto ring- for use with 0. Sep 14, 2006 · I hesitate to tell you all that I have 2 cases of grose jets. 90” fixed through to . Ending 17 Feb at 4:10PM GMT. Fuel enters the carb (usually) from the bottom, into the fuel bowl. motorcycles, marine, industrial plant, generators, tractors, agricultural machinery, ATV's etc, they can flow a Uni-Syn Carburetor Synchronizer/Carb Synchronizing/Balancing Tool Weber Su Type Empi Universal Pro-Sync Carburetor Synchronizer Tool EMPI 5746 Universal SU / Bubble Type Carburetor Synchronizer - VW Dune Buggy Bug Ghia Thing Bus Trike Baja Down Draft / Side Draft Spare parts in stock to suit early English Zenith, Solex, CD Zenith/Stromberg and SU carburettors, including shafts, needle and seats, floats, jets, idle mixture screws, diaphragms, gasket kits, fibre and aluminium washers, individual gaskets, clips, etc. These instructions are primarily for the dual carb kits as used on Volvo 544, 1800, 122, and 140, MGB's, TR4's, etc. Worn out needles and jets can cause too rich mixture or flooding condition. Ford Model T and A carburettor parts in stock. So looked at what Dave Braun was recommending and sure enough the jets were too low. Burlen Fuel Services can supply any SU part, so look on their website too. Facet fuel pumps are the very best 12 & 24 volt DC fuel pumps in terms of quality, reliability, performance on the market today, they are used in a wide variety of industries including, automotive, motorsport. 090” diameter, so a reading of 890 leaves a circular gap between the jet and the needle measuring only half of a thousandth of an inch. At that point Triumph tried to make harmony in the family by using both Stromberg and SU on engines. MG TD TF 1500 - Tuning Newly Rebuilt SU Carbs I will be replacing my carbs with a set of newly rebuilt SUs. At the throat, an HS6 Choosing the right metering needle for your SU carby shouldn’t be like finding a needle in a haystack. IDF Main Gas Jets #6398. The end result is a constant vacuum across the jet bridge. Turn screw counter-clockwise ¼ or ½ of a turn at a time, until engine responds to throttle twist with smooth, quick response. The leaking shafts we talked about are a malaise of constant velocity carbs that are used only on fourstrokes. Nothing inherently wrong with strombergs, just fewer options for needles/jets. AU $13. Don't bend needle or mix up carb parts. The jets are . 3%CO):1 but at tickover it is recommended to go leaner than this i. Please click HERE for the exploded view drawing of the S. I don't want to leave the Waxstat in place. 3% CO):1 and 12. No good. Mikuni Carb Kit Installation and Tuning Instructions - Updated 2/4/20. 1 (6. These carburetors include a The 2495 carb will work fine with the earlier engine, and gives noticeably better low speed throttle response, but not the other way round. The dashpot acts as a restriction to the increasing airflow. The flexibility, ease of tuning, and reliability have made Weber carburetors the first choice for engine builders around the world. IDF Idle Jets #6394. It needs a periodic check to see if it is in tune. Jan 02, 2014 · This will be my first real post. Results 145 - 192 of 300 SU CARB H HD HS FIXED METERING NEEDLE JET MANY TYPES RILEY KESTREL 1100 1965-66 - Twin 1¼” SU Carburettor JETS  Unlike other types of carburettor , which have fixed jets , the SU has only one jet, so the mixture setting affects the engine throughout its speed range. The SU carb is a semi-downdraft, variable venturi carburetor—semi-downdraft because the carb tilts toward the engine and variable venturi because the size of the venturi varies. Back in the 80’s, we received a shipment of SU floats. All are supplied with a new jet, needle valve and all seals & gaskets. SU HS6 carburettor Repair Kit. Click for larger images. Courtesy of BL / SU. These allow a greater volume of air to flow with less restriction to the carburettors and inlet manifold, so that – in theory – if you don’t change the original jet needles fitted to the carb. 16250 Dellorto A Type needle PHBN/PHVA. In one of the boxes there was a piece of paper that detailed the adjustment procedure for a range of floats. FU-112C - "CARBURATION", How the SU Carburetor Works (pdf) CB-102 - CHOKE ADJUSTMENT (and fast idle) CB-103 - COLD WEATHER STARTING MG-258 - Carburetor Icing, 18Jun59 (csm) MG-355 - Carburetor Icing, 09Mar61 (csm) The SU carburetors are an amazingly rugged carburetors. Jul 24, 2010 · Page 1 of 2 - Waxstat To Pre-waxstat - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: Basically what was better, the waxstat or the other kind of jet for the HS4, and if its the other kind, what would it take to fit one to a carb already fitted with a waxstat? MGB SU HIF4 Carburetor Rebuild March 25, 2006 - Downers Grove, IL HIF4 carburetor inverted with main fuel jet and adjuster parts removed. Lawson 12/29/08 The information below is not mine. Carb Choices You would have to think that almost anything would be better than a Zenith Stromberg carburetor with water controlled "choking. When the operating altitude of the engine will be 2000 feet higher than your normal altitude, you'll need to insert a jet one or two sizes smaller than the size currently installed in the carb, which reduces the amount of fuel entering the engine to match the reduced level of oxygen in the air. #WZX1455 SU JET REAR HIF4 1-1/2" $21. A wide variety of jets is available, so it is advisable to take the old one with you to  Results 1 - 48 of 286 MG Midget Mk 2 1098cc 1964-66 -1¼” HS2 SU Carburettor JETS & STD NEEDLES. 94 postage. It has had sick carburetors for some time with the rear carb flooding badly. Unlike other types of carburettor , which have fixed jets , the SU has only one jet, so the mixture setting affects the engine throughout its speed range. Find/Search Navigate this extensive library Albatross - SU H2 Austin Healey Tri-Carb - SU HS4. They are a thing of beauty, so I hope they run as well as they look :-) They are the earlier TC/TD type with Brass pistons and the tickler pins removed and the holes sealed. You may only be running on the rear carb - SU's sometimes take a while to fill both. With engine idling, turn accelerator adjustment screw clockwise until it lightly seats. Please Note: Jets are still available for a wide variety of Zenith & Solex Carburettors. AMAL 930 CARB SET CARBURETOR RIGHT- LEFT TRIUMPH BSA NORTON. We are The Worlds Sole Manufacturer of Genuine SU Carburettors, Fuel Pumps and Spares. Remove air dome and piston needle. 125 jets (over 500 needles listed). The jets are nicely bored, no shavings and are well-marked as to size. 378-470 Nitrophyl SU Carb Float (with adjustable hinge) For HS Type SU Carburettors . SU Carburettors - Main Index: Carb & Needle ID Tables : Identifying Your Carburettor by Model and Needle by Marking: Parts data table : Major Parts Listing by Carburettor Type/Model SU Waxstat carburetor jet tube conversion to “standards” jet. Measurements are taken every 1/8 of an inch starting at the shoulder, accurate to 1/10 of one thousandth of an inch. 100) HS8 (0. Snap throttle open—engine should stumble. Jaguar E-type Triple SU HD8 Rebuilding Service. These are known as CSK (carburetter service kits). wire wool is also a good product to rub over the jets surface, you will be unable to rub a flat spot on to the Jet unlike you would with Wet&Dry. £58. Type: Jet. Other AMAL Products. Please contact us, if you don't see it listed on the site. 0890 , top part of the needle in the Main Jet . SU Jets & Tuning While doing a fairly major tune-up on my 120 OTS I again encountered the irritant of having the (SU) carb jets stick in a raised position after I have loosened the adjusting screw and am trying to richen the mixture. First, you don’t need to know everything about how a carb works, but some background would help. The patient for the day was the "Team Mullis" 1972 MGB owned by Dave Mullis. Oct 04, 2015 · Today I will discuss tuning of SU carburetors. Conversely if the air-side of the carb is right-on but you have fuel leakage (worn jets, seats, needles, improperly adjusted floats, etc) then you can't compensate the problems with adjustment. 90 postage. Actually, this SU carb rebuild is what prompted me to begin this blog in the first place. The often underrated SU offers good versatility and reliability. (´74-´76 fixed jets, ´76 onwards Waxstat jets) 1000cc engines: single HS2 or HS4. Please use our product search boxes below to find your Carburettor, Fuel Pump or spare part for your vehicle or have a look around our store to find a range of accessories to fill your needs! Registered Office: Burlen Ltd, Spitfire House, Castle Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 3SB Registered in England and Wales Registration Number: 2005550 VAT Number: GB 423 5232 84 The SU carburettor is simple to strip. Always pull full choke and let the fuel pump run fo 15-30 seconds before you fire it. The ideal air fuel ratio is between 12. Where the jets are placed in the carb and where the jet's outlet is located in the venturi, determines what part of the throttle opening that jet controls. EUR 13. Weber and Hitachi SU parts as well as mechanical and electric fuel pumps. Unlike other types of carburettor , which have fixed jets , the SU has only one jet,  For more information on these parts please contact us with your vehicle & carburettor specifcation details so we can advise on the correct jets for your carburettor  Specialist services include modefying and replacing needles on SU and Stromberg carbs, replacing chokes and jets on weber and dellorto carbs and general carb  The SU carb is frequently criticised as being hard to tune and always needs fiddling with. 59. The fuel flow through the orifice is dependant on the orifice area *and* the pressure drop across it. 090, . Austin Healey Tri-Carb - SU HS6 Jets R Us for all your jetting and powersports needs. The driving force (ha ha, sorry) behind my quest to find the  The jets can be seen in picture 2. HS4 carburetors. 15760 Float, single white. £15. The main top tube (the one that fouls with the SU) should have a bend in it when viewed from the side. The choke linkage is towards the top of the picture (with return spring) and the throttle at the bottom. Located in Salisbury, UK. At 30 or more years old they are probably due for some major attention. A number of factors influence whether or not you'll need to jet the carb including the following: Weather; Humidity; Altitude TR4A Carburetors - SU HS6. When under load fuel is leaking from the float chamber vents. This is for a customer so I want bullet proof so Grant can drive it like a rental car! SU Carburetors - Since 1976, Terry's Jaguar has been in the business of supplying a wide range of parts for Jaguars - everything from XK120, XK140, XK150 and all XKE / E-Type Parts models right through to the latest Jaguars on the road. Or buy the original jets at a yamaha dealer. A couple of guys went out to a foreign car boneyard and picked up two SU carbs from an old British sedan. Install needles into pistons loose, with shoulder of needle way out. i double checked everything before putting back together Same as the review of the main jets I bought. They should be removed from the engine for cleaning. Classic Mini - Misfiring and Troubleshooting the Engine - SU Carburettor Jets 06/21/2014 Over the past two years I've worked on Paddy's (1973 Mini 1000 with a 1380cc A+ engine) mechanical and cosmetic issues including replacing a head gasket, a bent push rod, and other non-engine related upgrades. We are passionate about carburetor repairs and we want to share our passion with you. 16954 Dellorto Needle valve & seat VHST 270 – 350. Today we  you'll find details of an experiment I conducted with a whole host of different carburettor jet needles. SU Jets & Tuning. This feature is not available right now. Post May 03, 2001 #1 2001-05-03T13:18. Key. A group of guys in California decided to help a friend get her 1964 122S sedan back on the road, and the SUs were near the top of the list of… All SU Carburetors include new throttle shafts and bushings. Order online all Classic Mini SU Carburettors, service kits & parts from Mini Sport, worlwide delivery Carburetor Size Calculator This is a simple calculator for determining the approximate size of a carburetor. 100 & . Pilot Jet Carb Tool, Amal 626 928 930 932. Tuning includes mixture adjustment, idle speed adjustment, and synchronization. In the 70s they were readily available in sizes from about 1¾” to 2”, depending on what kind of British rust-bucket you scavenged them from. SU HS2, HS4 Austin, Austin-Healey, Morris, MG, Reliant Buy a Keyster Carb set for it, all jets and gaskets are included, costs 20 bucks. 25SU, 9:1 CR ADE - 998cc, HIF38, Metro inlet, std filter, free flow exhaust ABY - 998cc, 12G295 head, HIF-38, Stub Stack, K&N, 3 into 1, RC 40, std cam SU Carb Adjusting 2. There were obvious telltales where the shaft had passed through the bushes, but no shoulder to catch on a fingernail. It is assumed that your carbs have been properly rebuilt and the jets centered; if not, stop here, because your carbs are likely not tune-able. Although the engine was running OK I felt it wasn't always as powerful and smooth as it could be. The clamps at A are set so that both carb butterfly cams start opening at the same time, and those at B are set so that both jets start to move down at the same time. No signs of wear on needle or jet. If you have converted to SU carburettors and would like the float chambers to benefit from the latest type needle valves, then here is the answer. Ethanol resistant parts. It will sort the needles by stations - there is a "convert" program that lets you determine needle/jet conversions - a "find" function that finds needles different from your baseline needle according to your tolerances and stations, etc. All used the UM needle, and were functionally identical, but used different components in * This is for HS4 SU's- (1/8-3/16") if you are dealing with 1", H's, HS2's HS6's, HIF's, etc. Mini Twin HS2/HS4 SU Carburettor Service Kit. Also for Holley 2 and 4 bbl and Rochester 4G and Autolite 2 & 4 BBL and SU. On this page you will find our currently available original SU Carburetter Spare Parts for the HS 4 series. The numbers in the drawing correspond with the numbers in brackets in the item description on this page. 2. A more complex service kit, the CRK (carburetter rebuild kit) is also available which includes (in addition) the throttle spindle, throttle I think I'm stickin' with the grosse jets. The HS8 Carburetors are not fitted with Jet diaphragms like the HD6 and HD8 but do have self centering spring loaded needles. R. We have over 300 products in stock. Welcome to SU. £4. Click & Collect. From United Kingdom. " SU Carburetor History: Back in the early 70’s, Rivera got its start when Mel Magnet (The Founder of Rivera Engineering) took off SU carburetors from some British cars and did some magic to adapt them to Harleys. May 06, 2014 · SU Needle Chart Here is a comparison chart of all the MGB needles. Weber Carburetors & Parts Weber carburetors are a popular upgrade for many vehicles, from daily drivers to all-out racing machines. Amal Velocity Stack Long 900 SERIES 928 930 932. (310) 637-8330 • Fax (310) 637-8331 Email: sudco@sudco. Includes 2 jets, 2 needle valves, and gaskets for a thorough rebuild Carb Spacer, HS2, Aluminum (12A0006) Remove the jets and insert a smaller/larger set based on the vehicles operating altitude. SU HS2, HS4 Austin, Austin-Healey, Morris, MG, Reliant carburetor(s)) is the key to tuning the SU carburetor. 16680 HE Type atomiser VHST. su carb jets

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